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Driving Customer Success with Innovation and Collaboration

Services: Services

Through our service partners, we provide innovative, robust technological solutions to turn around results swiftly using a cost-effective framework.  Our partners are quick to think and quicker to act making us the most efficient company in this service sector. 

Our capabilities include


     Statistical Programming

     CDISC Standardization

     eCTD compliant packages

and much more.

Our well-rounded experience with SDTM, SEND, and ADaM make us one of the leading CDISC implementer in the industry.  Our lean framework and infrastructure gives us the ability to provide services cost-effectively.



The collaborative nature and thought process of our partners are a great asset to any project involving petabytes of data.  Our team has the best analytical brains to work with and has proven their capabilities over a long time.  Our teams have consistently supported our customers with innovative approaches and robust solutions to generate insights from data.

We provide on-demand training and consultation through our team of experts with over 15 years of
experience in the pharmaceutical industry implementing data standards. Our experts have extensive
MDR experience in the development and maintenance of corporate-wide data standards. With
immense experience in Oncology, Auto-immune, Cardiovascular, Respiratory etc., our end-to-end
implementation philosophy revolves around the standardization of both the input and output terminals
of the data standards stream. We are happy to answer any questions regarding our standard
implementation and governance process.

Data Standards Implementation and Governance


Our customized, scalable resource plan ensure continuous availability of the right support to our customer projects.  The team of consultants are available to provide onsite/remote either as individuals or as a dedicated team. 

Our consultants have a vast amount of experience and many are experts in Biostatistics, Statistical programming, CDISC standardization, Big data, Machine Learning, Data Visualization, Data Sciences, etc.

Every plan is tailor-made to suit the customer demand for resources and we ensure to provide the best personalities to work with.  Get in touch with us to meet your next team.

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